Bonded on Brackets

Patients scheduled to have impacted teeth uncovered should be familiar with certain information.  If there are further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

  • WHAT IS AN IMPACTED TOOTH?  All teeth are formed deep within the jawbones.  They usually erupt into the mouth.  When a tooth is blocked from reaching its normal position by another tooth or bone, it is called an impacted tooth.
  • WHY SHOULD IMPACTED TEETH BE UNCOVERED?  If not uncovered to permit eruption or removed, most impacted teeth will eventually cause a problem.  The most common problem is infection of the gum tissues around the tooth (pericoronitis).  This infection is always painful and can potentially spread throughout the head and neck.  Other common problems associated with impacted teeth include decay of the tooth under the gum, damage to the roots or adjacent teeth, and formation of cysts.  Pain, infection and destruction of bone in the area can be the result.  In addition, some impacted teeth are important to the function and the appearance of your bite.  Your orthodontist and/or your dentist, have determined that the involved impacted tooth is important to the overall scheme of your occlusion (bite).  For this reason they have referred you for possible surgical uncovering and placement of a bonded on bracket.
  • HOW ARE IMPACTED TEETH UNCOVERED?  The procedure for uncovering these teeth requires an incision in the gum, exposing and removing a portion of the bone that is blocking the tooth from coming in.  If indicated, the tooth crown will be etched with acid and a bonded on bracket will be adapted.  This bracket has a chain attached to it that will be used by your orthodontist with elastic traction to pull the tooth into its proper position.