I appreciate your entire staff and how everyone was very professional and made me feel comfortable. -(GB)

You have a most efficient dental office with many rooms. It is clean, smells good, and the atmosphere is friendly and professional. I would rate my experience with one word: Copacetic. Excellent, superb, above all expectations. – (HM)

I would like to say thanks to each and everyone of you at Dr. Stanley Satterfield’s office, for making our visit be such a positive experience.  Out of all the doctors, hospitals, and dental visits I  have experiences throughout the years, you guys are the best.  You all, are the example, for which others should learn from – from the front desk, to all the nursing staff, and especially you, Doc., you guys put the “P” in Professionalism.  Everyone was so kind and sincere.  Thank you all so very much and may GOD BLESS you all. (DS)

Very friendly staff with a warm and welcoming office. Spacious waiting room with cable TV and food and beverage if needed. Very willing to answer all my questions and I felt fully informed after the initial Consult. Specializes in Dental Implants and is one of the best in the State. Highly recommended. (Tommy)

My surgery was as good an experience as I could ask for – no pain at all. (SM)

Thank you Dr. Satterfield and staff for all you have done for me over the last few weeks. I appreciate you making my wisdom teeth surgery a positive experience. It has been such a relief to know that I am in the hands of caring people who share with me a love for the Lord. Thanks for taking care of me and for the positive impact you not only made on me, but so many others as well. (AB)

This is just a small way of thanking you for your time and ministry to our son. He told us about his visit and said, with a beautiful smile on his face, “he even prayed with me.” (LJ & AJ)

Thank you so much for your gracious help and expertise. I truly appreciate how kind and understanding you entire office was. It was wonderful to come to an office that was so welcoming and caring! (NM)

Thanks again for all the wonderful care you’ve given to our son, as well as the rest of our family over the years! (CA)

My husband and I really appreciated one of Dr. Satterfield’s nurses following us home and helping me get my husband inside the house. They went over and beyond a regular doctor’s office. (KW)

How often do oral oral surgeons get excellent ratings! I’m almost 30, and Dr. Satterfield recently extracted 6 (yes, six) wisdom teeth out of my head. The people that work there are very friendly and thorough. Also, he offered to pray with me before surgery. A great oral surgeon. Very professional. (Anonymous)

I just wanted to thank y’all for taking such good care of my mother. She feels so much better and has had no pain! Your entire office was so nice and I just wanted to let y’all know how much we appreciate the care she was given. I’m also going to call Dr. _____’s office and tell them how much I appreciate them referring us to you. (AW)

No one could have done any better than I have — no pain pills — no nothing.  My daughter was so thankful that I did well — she was concerned about her mom — Thank you! (JR)

D,C and I would like to thank you and your staff for everything you did for us regarding C’s surgery.  Everyone in your office couldn’t have been nicer, and we knew immediately upon receiving paperwork, that God had sent us to the right place!  I pray He blesses you all richly for your witness to Him.  C continues to recover very well and I thank God and you for that also.  It was a privilege and pleasure to meet you all.  (FS)

Ever so many times in the course of a medical century . . . a patient or two feels the magic of being drawn comfortably into the medical family.  It recently happened on Prince Street in Athens.  Fact is . . . . .  it’s a real down home feeling.  We are right proud!  Love & appreciation, (D&R)

Grandson is doing really well – appreciate the good experience and care (LC)

We appreciate the great job you all do from the front desk to the back.  You’re very professional in all that you do.  We appreciate your care – God Bless.  (DS)

Earlier this year I had a very bad toothache and infection.  You were so good to see me and stayed late to pull my tooth and take care of me.  When I left your office that day I told you I’d bring you some tomatoes from my garden.  God blessed me with a good crop this year.  I hope you enjoy the vegetables.  Thanks again for looking after me! (RW)

Thank you so much for praying with D before his surgery.  I am happy to report that he is recovering nicely after having his wisdom teeth removed.  God bless you for practicing your faith in the work place.  It is nice to be reminded that God lives and moves in the “real world”.  God is clearly present in your office – you even have the nicest waiting-room that I’ve ever seen.  (SZ)

Thank you so much to everyone upon my visits.  You are all so kind and very professional in your attitude and everything.  Glad to have a kindred spirit in the Lord.  Again, thank you so much — you all are so very nice.  (JH)

My implant is as good as the original (tooth) – PK

Of all the dental procedures I have had, this has been the best experience. – TS