Pre-Operative & Pre-Anesthetic Instructions

  1. If you are having a GENERAL ANESTHETIC or I.V. SEDATION, please do NOT eat, drink, or smoke for at least SIX HOURS before your appointment time. This is very important. DO NOT VIOLATE THIS RULE. If your mouth and throat become dry, cool water may be used as a rinse (BUT DO NOT SWALLOW!).HOWEVER, PLEASE TAKE ANY PRE-OP MEDICATIONS YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN BY OUR STAFF AND YOUR ROUTINE DAILY MEDICATIONS (EXCEPT ORAL DIABETIC MEDICATIONS, AND INSULIN REPLACEMENT) WITH A SMALL SIP OF WATER ONLY.
  2. Do not ignore a HEAD or CHEST COLD when having surgery. Call immediately if you have symptoms as a change of appointment may be necessary. We have reserved this time for you, so please give us 48 hours notice if you cannot keep your appointment.
  3. If you wear CONTACT LENSES, whether soft or hard, please REMOVE THEM. Please wear conventional glasses on the day of surgery.
  4. Your mouth and teeth should be WELL-CLEANSED before your surgery to help avoid infection. (Do not swallow the saliva or toothpaste while brushing your teeth).
  5. If you have ever had a SEVERE ILLNESS of any type or if you are taking medications or are ALLERGIC to any drugs, please let us know (please bring all your medications).
  6. A responsible adult should ACCOMPANY YOU on your surgery day and take you home. You may under NO CIRCUMSTANCES drive an automobile for at least 24 HOURS following your anesthetic and surgery (Nor can we release you to a public transportation service).
  7. PLEASE LEAVE all jewelry at home including watches, rings, necklaces and earrings.
  8. Please wear a SHORT-SLEEVED SHIRT and loose clothing, as this will make taking your blood pressure, starting an I.V. and placing cardiac monitor leads easier. (WEAR OLD CLOTHES.) Women should not wear hose or slips since they may interfere with placement of EKG leads. PLEASE REMOVE FINGER NAIL POLISH AND ANY NAIL ENHANCEMENTS SO THAT OUR OXYGEN DETECTION DEVICES WILL BE ACCURATE FOR SAFE ANESTHESIA.
  9. Appointments are made for an exact time, but delays are sometimes unavoidable because of emergencies. We appreciate your patience and will try our best to see you on time.